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Integrated Tissue Dynamics, LLC (INTiDYN) provides the biopharmaceutical industy novel and proprietary solutions for complex endpoint evaluations in clinical and research tissues. INTiDYN delivers to our clients unique, critical, and actionable data sets utilizing highly-informative, state-of-the-art analysis techniques to improve the success of translating molecular and cellular discoveries into useful human therapeutics. We provide research contract fulfillment and consulting services on all aspects of clinical and basic biomedical projects utilizing our proprietary ChemoMorphometric Analysis (CMA) platform, a cost-effective processing flow-through approach which significantly improves financial and time-to-market considerations.

Particularly focused on skin, INTiDYN research aims to produce novel solutions to numerous debilitating human conditions, including chronic pain, diabetes, immuno- and dermato-pathologies, and trauma. Skin represents a highly specialized organ encompassing several biologic systems and subserving numerous essential roles, with great accesibility for diagnostic testing and therapeutic intervention, i.e., topicals. As science discovers more of the complex interactions of the mind/body/gut/skin axis, INTiDYN research continues to drive the World's foremost thought-leaders in the field.

The biologic systems associated with differing skin compartments and cell types, coupled with the dense neural innervation of skin, provides several essential functions for overall homeostasis (health) in the context of the organism, and thus has become a well-appreciated research and diagnostic tissue site. Our Intidyn ChemoMorphometric Analysis (ITD-CMA™) platform positions our clients to make use of this rich tissue for a wide-range of valuable biomedical endpoints and data-mining. 

Contact us to discuss our expert services, and see how INTiDYN can greatly improve your translational success. 

ITD-CMA combines multi-molecular immunochemistry, genomic, and morphological analyses of complex tissues (e.g., skin) to create a comprehensive and informative analysis for the local site of interest, as well as the total biomolecular system. Our research and analysis techniques are founded on over 20 years of use by drug development companies, have recieved National Institutes of Health (NIH) support, and are applicable to any step in the drug development process, from preclinical to Phase IV post-marketing studies.

INTiDYN partners with our clients to expand their knowledge and research capabilities. We have an established track record of excellent performance on contract work with industry, international collaborations, and research publications.

We invite you to explore our website content where you can read about novel science, our new INTiDYN research, and determine if INTiDYN expertise would be a benefit for your organization.