May 04, 2010 (Albany, N.Y., USA) – In the video behind this link, INTiDYN Founder Dr. Frank L. Rice introduces a new evidence-based paradigm for thinking about chronic pain and proposes a new approach for its treatment.  He points out how current research on this topic is based on theories of acute pain, which do not adequately explain the causes of chronic pain.  INTiDYN’s founders are currently publishing additional evidence in support of this new theory, and you can catch the inside story by clicking the video link below:

Video Link:

About Integrated Tissue Dynamics (INTiDYN)

Integrated Tissue Dynamics, LLC, also known as INTiDYN, provides flexible and scalable research capabilities on behalf of pharmaceutical companies to detect chemical and structural changes in the skin that may cause the chronic numbness, pain and itch associated with a wide variety of afflictions such as diabetes, shingles, complex regional pain syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, chemotherapy and even the unintended side effects caused by many drugs. Such afflictions and the associated neurological problems respond poorly to existing treatments.


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