INTiDYN is a small biomedical research firm, started by two accomplished scientists, who recognized the large unmet need for translating basic research discoveries into efficacious therapies. Unlike the typical, large contract research organizations (CRO) with limited interaction between client scientists and project execution, INTiDYN remains a nimble research partner for our clients. Drawing from our extensive experience in preclinical basic research and development through advanced clinical phase studies, the mission of INTiDYN is to provide our clients with expert data generation, analysis, and study consultation.

The INTiDYN advantage:


The INTiDYN ChemoMorphometric Analysis (ITD-CMA) platform delivers rapid, cost-effective, actionable data generated from multi-molecular protein immunochemistry coupled with microscopic morphology assessments, and genomics when appropriate.

Comprehensive evaluations

The INTiDYN difference is found in the comprehensive nature of the data generated. ITD-CMA technology allows for the integration of numerous tissue biomarkers and behavioral response data into a cohesive and broad determination of pathology and/or drug treatment effects.


ITD draws from over 50 yrs of collective biomedical research experience to greatly enhance project outcomes. ITD scientists ensure that every engagement is customized to the specifications of our clients, yielding insightful study designs, timely study execution, expert data interpretation, and robust scientific interaction.

INTiDYN ChemoMorphometric Analysis (ITD-CMA)


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Pioneered by INTiDYN scientists, the ITD-CMA platform for comprehensive evaluations of complex tissues detects chemical, structural, and genetic changes among intact tissues (biopsies) from animal models and human disease or injury conditions. ITD-CMA technology creates a powerful biochemical and morphologic biomarker signature of complex tissues which is not available with any other current type of analysis.

ITD-CMA is applicable to all steps in the biopharmaceutical research and development process, preclinical research to phase 4 post-marketing studies.

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INTiDYN works closely with each client to expand their knowledge and research capabilities. Their proven track record of success includes industry, international collaborations, and extensive research publications, serving clients such as Amgen, Johnson and Johnson, Astra-Zeneca, Eli Lilly, Teva and Grünenthal.

A personal path to pain research

After over 20 years of academic research in somatosensory function and the development of peripheral neural innervation, the research of Dr. Frank L. Rice took on new urgency when a carpenter friend of his sustained a life-altering shoulder injury as a result of a seemingly minor workplace incident. What appeared as a commonplace injury turned tragic as this healthy father of four began suffering with intense pain and arm dysfunction that severely limited his quality of life, including the ability to work or even hug his family. The excruciating pain was too intense.

At that point, Dr. Rice shifted his world renown expertise in normal and developmental neurobiology to investigate pain mechanisms and peripheral neuropathic  afflictions, doing all that he could to help his friend. By applying what he has learned in the academic setting and worldwide networking with other top pain scientists, Dr. Rice has now been part of published landmark discoveries in several debilitating disorders, including Fibromyalgia as well as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, RSD), which remains the diagnosis of his friend.

Dr. Rice’s interest and important contributions to pain science were crucial to the founding of INTiDYN and continue with the research work produced. Dr. Rice is a global thought leader in pain mechanisms and an outspoken advocate for increased awareness and funding for pain-related research.

Dr. Phillip J. Albrecht is a scientific innovator and thought leader who brought a wealth of academic and industry research experience to the founding of INTiDYN. Dr. Albrecht has a well-documented history of research in neuroscience, including pain mechanisms, glial biology, CNS injury, and peripheral pathology associated with chronic pain. His published works are considered essential to the recently evolving novel theories of primary nociception and pain perception.

INTiDYN continues to provide companies of all sizes research expertise and experience to make best use of the resources available and deliver valuable studies and actionable data to better understand pain mechanisms and create novel next generation therapies.

INTiDYN is committed to the research required to discover and develop novel treatments for pain, particularly therapies that provide a safe, effective alternatives to opiates, as the use of opiates for pain management is being curtailed for several widely publicized reasons.

A message from the CEO

When INTiDYN launched in 2008, we sought to translate more than 35 years of collective experience in complex tissue analysis from the laboratory to the development of effective and safe therapeutics…

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