Translating basic molecular and cellular discoveries into therapeutic options

From initial study design to final data interpretation, INTiDYN is a proven biomedical research partner. We ensure our clients are asking the right questions and utilizing the most appropriate study designs—saving time and expense while delivering high-impact actionable data. The INTiDYN ChemoMorphometric Analysis (ITD-CMA) platform for comprehensive evaluation of complex tissues is helping companies of all sizes optimize the translation from basic research discoveries to clinical treatment options.

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Selected tissue reserves: supplying samples with speed

Drawing from a large pool of amassed INTiDYN tissue reserves provides a more immediate response to clients for initial experimentation, saving time and money on every project. The immediate access to various experimental tissues with total quality control allows INTiDYN to provide options our partners may not have considered—leading to new discovery and interpretation.

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Frank L. Rice, PhD

CEO and Chief Scientist

Internationally recognized expert of somatosensory biology, peripheral innervation, vascular regulation, tissue histology, and novel theories of pain perception.

Phillip J. Albrecht, PhD

Vice President and Deputy Chief Scientist

Recognized expert in cellular and molecular neuroscience, neuroimmunology, neuropathology, sensory physiology, and mechanisms of pain.

“Frank has a reputation in the field for being the most reliable, accurate and informative expert for analysis of skin innervation... ”

Howard L. Fields, MD, PhD Read More

“There is no question but that Frank L. Rice, PhD, knows some very special things about nervous system cells that innervate...”

Vincent M. Riccardi, MD, MBA Read More

“As a former head of CNS and Pain R&D in several different global pharmaceutical companies I have long-standing experience... ”

Christer Köhler, PhD Read More

“I have had the pleasure to interact with Dr. Rice for many years and have followed his publications related to pain research... ”

Frank Porreca, PhD Read More

“The work that Dr. Rice and colleagues have done and continue to do is innovative and of enormous importance... ”

David O. Carpenter, MD Read More

“There is no doubt that Dr. Rice's scientific contributions to the understanding of the skin innervation...”

Inmaculada Silos-Santiago, MD, PhD Read More