Much more than just a typical contract research organization, INTiDYN is a therapeutic research analysis and advisory firm. They deliver expert design, execution, and interpretation of immunochemical and structural analyses of complex tissue specimens, particularly the use of skin biopsies.


Services include:


Insightful study design

Development of a customized study design, tailored to specific questions a client is seeking to answer. Tapping into decades of experience and research, INTiDYN helps clients determine the best research study design to answer key questions focused on moving a project forward. This approach has saved clients time and money by avoiding unproductive experiments and ambiguous results.

Study execution

Sectioning, immunochemical processing, and microscopic analysis of tissue specimens based on the specific requirements of the client. Specimens are provided by the client and shipped to INTiDYN according to the specifications of INTiDYN. INTiDYN can also recommend or arrange collaborations for potential alternate sources of specimens, including qualified physicians for clinical studies. Immunochemical assessments are conducted by epifluorescence and/or confocal microscopy, providing results that are qualitatively detailed and quantitative when appropriate.



INTiDYN strives to be true collaborators with our clients, focused on generating detail-oriented, comprehensive results. Our scientists share insight with clients to determine the most appropriate analysis to perform, and always attempt to generate as much valuable information as possible from any complex tissue specimens. For example, ITD-CMA technology provides a means to utilize the exact same tissue specimens for additional assessments of nucleic acids via RT-PCR, in situ hybridization, and gene arrays, when appropriate.



Interpretation of analyses yields critical information about tissue transformations and molecular/cellular interactions, as well as the effects on the various functional systems integrated within any complex tissue (ie, cardiovascular, nervous, immune, endocrine). INTiDYN provides a detailed interpretation of results as part of every final study report, drawing from extensive research experience, including context from integrating and interpreting results of numerous previously published studies and unpublished INTiDYN proprietary information.

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The ITD-CMA advantage

Using a powerful analytical technique known as INTiDYN ChemoMorphic Analysis (ITD-CMA), INTiDYN evaluates tissue samples from animals or humans to create a morphological, biochemical, and genomic snapshot of normal conditions to compare with disease, or drug/toxin impacts on complex tissues.

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