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  • Traditional approaches have produced few effective therapeutics for neuropathies and dermatopathologies. These are typically transient and prone to severe side effects
  • In the absence of tissue structure, the power of traditional approaches is limited
  • By analyzing tissue structure and chemistry, INTiDYN addresses questions that are ambiguous under traditional approaches

Skin is an excellent example of a powerful complex tissue

  • Multiple systems: Skin is richly innervated by nerves and blood vessels and is also populated with numerous types of immune cells, providing essential mechanisms for barrier function, sensory function, cardiovascular regulation, and immune surveillance
  • Easy to access: Skin is extremely easy to access, and due to the complex nature of the tissue is associated with over 150 diseases of neural, cardiovascular, immune, and barrier function. This allows for the investigation of multiple diverse questions from a single tissue
  • Cost-effective: Skin offers a practical site for the analysis of the integration of many different systems and functions (ie, protection, thermoregulation, regeneration, sensation, inflammation)


Other tissues

  • Brain, spinal cord, DRG
  • Colon
  • Muscle
  • Bone
  • Tumor

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